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Our allotment is situated close to the River Taff:

Allotment News:

We've had an allotment since 2001.  We share it with David and between us we have a constant challenge in keeping the bindweed, couch grass and horseradish at bay.

We have notable success with the following crops:

Potatoes - growing 5/6 varieties a year
Broad beans - we save seed from year to year
Peas - a small crop
Carrots - doing well this year
Courgettes, or marrows as they become
Salad crops also do well, though often go to seed
We've also grown parsnips for the first time this year

Less productive are

Onions and garlic - the bulbs don't expand as they should
Cabbage family - red cabbages are our favourite but they haven't grown very big

We also plant some flowers - evening primroses grow very well and marigolds.

We garden organically and use manure from the stables nearby and make our own compost.