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Arranged by:
Author, Title, Publisher & Date

This enormous list comprises those books from our stock that have so far been entered into our computer database.  Please bear in mind that:
   this only represents a small part of our total stock;
   some books are duplicates;
   some of the titles listed will no longer be available.

If any of the titles are of interest, please contact us for full details of availabilty, condition, price and despatch arrangements.

A Partial List of Stock

"BERKELEY" & ROWLAND, T.B.:Card Tricks  and Puzzles.:George Bell.  1902.
"BERKELEY":Draughts and Backgammon.:Bell.  1936.
"BIG CHIEF I-SPY":I-Spy Wild Flowers.  :News Chronicle.  nd.  (c.1960?)
"Contact"  (i.e. Alan J. Bott):An Airman's Outings.:Blackwood.  1917.
"His Master's Voice":Recorded Entertainment.:The Gramophone Co. Ltd.  (1953).
"His Master's Voice":Recorded Music.:The Gramophone Co. Ltd.  (1951).
"His Master's Voice":Recorded Music.:The Gramophone Co. Ltd.  1947.
"His Master's Voice":Recorded Music.:The Gramophone Co. Ltd.  1940.
"Hobbes, John Oliver" (i.e. Pearl CRAIGIE):Some Emotions and a Moral.:T. Fisher Unwin.  1891.
"Nirvana":Advanced Piping and Cake Designs ...:Maclaren.  nd.  (c.1950).
"Nirvana":Decorated Cakes and Confectionery.:McLaren.  nd.  (c.1950).
"The Motor":How to Drive a Motorcar, A Key to the Subtleties of Motoring.  :Temple Press.  [1914?].  
"VIGILANTES" (i.e K. Zilliacus):Between Two Wars?:Penguin Books.  1939.
(ARP, Hans)  LAST, R.W.:Hans Arp, the Poet of Dadaism.:Oswald Wolf.  1969.
(BASHFORD, Henry Howarth):Augustus Carp, Esq. by Himself ...:The Boydell Press.  1986.
(BUTTOLPH, Angela and others):The Fashion Book.:Phaidon.  1998.
(CARR, J.L.):Carr's Dictionary of English Queens, Kings' Wives, Celebrated Paramours ...:Kettering: J.L. Carr.  1977.
(CLEESE, John):The Golden Skits of Muriel Volestrangler ...:Methuen.  1986.
(COMMANDER, John):Samuel Palmer & his Circle, The Shoreham Period.:The Arts Council.  1957.
(DAHL, Roald):Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes ... compiled by Josie Fison and Felicity Dahl.:Cape.  1994.
(DONALD, Chris):Roger's Profanisaurus.:John Brown Publishing Ltd.  1998.
(HANCOCK, Tony):The Hancock Show.  Bristol Hippodrome theatre programme.:[1960]
(HMSO):Coastal Command, The Air Ministry Account  ... 1939-42.  :HMSO.  1943.  
(HMSO):Front Line 1940-41, The Official Story of the Civil Defence of Britain.  :HMSO.  1942.  
(HOWARD, Nicholas):Costume at Castle Howard.:Castle Howard Estate Ltd.  1975.
(HUMPHRIES, Barry):The Sound of Edna, Dame Edna's Family Songbook.:Chappell.  1979.
(IDLE, Eric) (ed.):Monty Python's Big Red Book.:Methuen.  1982.
(JONES, Terry & PALIN, Michael):Bert Fegg's Nasty Book for Boys and Girls ...:Eyre Methuen.  1974.
(KAMINSKAYA, V.G.)(ed.):Mode Leningrad 1963.  :Leningrad:Leningradski Dom Modeli. 1963.
(KINGLAKE, Alexander William):Eothen.  :Leipzig: Tauchnitz.  1846.  
(KUNDERA, Milan):Granta 11.  Milan Kundera Issue.  :Penguin Books.  1984.  
(MANTON, Eric):Veteran Cars, A reminder of seven representative and interesting models with a note on each.  :Nottingham: Nottingham and District Technical College.  1957.  
(MARTEILHE, Jean):Autobiography of a French Protestant, Condemned to the Galleys for the Sake of his Religion.:RTS.  nd.  (c.1870).
(MELLY, George & FAWKES, Wally):I, Flook ... :Macmillan.  1962.  
(MELLY, George & FAWKES, Wally):I, Flook ... :Macmillan.  1962.  
(MOSS, William):The Liverpool Guide ...:City of Liverpool.  1974.
(NIXON, H.M.):Bookbindings from the Library of Jean Grolier, A Loan Exhibition ...:British Museum.  1965.
(OSMAN, W.H.):Pigeons in World War II.:The Racing Pigeon Publishing Co. Ltd.  1950.
(PARRY, C. Hubert H.):A Little Organ Book, In Memory of Hubert Parry.:A & C. Black.  1924.  (but later issue?)
(ROACH, Martin):Dr. Martens ...:Air Wair Ltd.  199.
(ROBERTSON, David).:Whistle-Binkie, A Collection of Songs for the Social Circle.  2 vols. complete.:Glasgow: David Robertson.  1890.
(SMITH, Howell):Brief Guide to the Peruvian Textiles.:Victoria and Albert Museum.  1926.
(SURTEES, R.S.):Handley Cross, or, Mr. Jorrock's Hunt.:Methuen.  1950.
(SURTEES, R.S.):Handley Cross.:Methuen.  1963.
(T. Clarke):The Celestial Planisphere, or, Star Director.:T. Clark.  nd.  c.1850?
(THOMAS, David St John) (ed.):GWR Engines: Names, Numbers, Types & Classes.:David & Charles.  1982.
(THORNTON, Nicole):Poiret.:Academy Editions.  1979.
(TURNER, Anthony):The Clockwork of the Heavens ... :Asprey & Company Ltd.  1973.
-:A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Malvern and District ...:Ward, Lock.  (1929)
-:Financial Times, Issue of Tuesday March 31 1998.:Times Newspapers.  1998.
-:I-Spy on a Car Journey II.:Michelin.  1993.
-:Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire and Shropshire. 1905:Kelly's Directories.  1905.
-:The Apocrypha ... Revised A.D. 1894:OUP.  1895.
-:The Cathedral Church of St. Michael, Coventry.  Guide Book.  :1962.  
-:The Independent.  No.1.  :7th October 1986.
-:Whitaker's Peerage ...:Whitaker.  1907.
-:Who Was Who, Vol. II, 1916-1928 ...:Adam & Charles Black.  1967.
-:Who's Who 1968 ...:Adam & Charles Black.  1968.
[ARNIM, Elizabeth von]:The Jasmine Farm.:Heinemann.  1934.
[CANTER, David]:The Cranks Recipe Book.:Orion.  1995.
[DEBUSSY, Claude]  MAETERLINCK, Maurice:Pelléas et Mélisande ...:Paris: Charpentier et Fasquelle.  1921.
[PARKER, John (ed.)]:The Green Room Book., or, Who's Who on the Stage, 1907.:T. Sealey Clark.  (1907)
[RICHEY, Paul]:Fighter Pilot ... :Batsford.  1942.  
[SPILLING, James]:The Cockneys in the Country [and other works].:Jarrold & Sons.  Undated but all ca. 1880.
[STEVENS, Lt. Col. G.R. & HINGSTON,  Lt. Col. W.G.]:The Tiger Kills, The Story of the Indian Divisions in the North African Campaign.:HMSO.  1944.
[SURTEES, R.S.]:Ask Mamma ...:R.S. Surtees Society.  1983.
[SURTEES, R.S.]:Handley Cross ...:R.S. Surtees Society.  1996.
[SURTEES, R.S.]:Hawbuck Grange ...:R.S. Surtees Society.  1988.
[SURTEES, R.S.]:Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities ...:R.S. Surtees Society.  1993.
[SURTEES, R.S.]:Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour.:R.S. Surtees Society.  1993.
[WHEELER, R.E.M.]:Costume.:Lancaster House.  1936.
A.E.  [George Russell]:The Candle of Vision, Inner Worlds of the Imagination.:Prism Press.  1990.
AARONS, Edward S.:The Art Studio Murders.:New York: MacFadden-Bartell.  1967.
ABBOTT, C.C.:The Sand Castle, and Other Poems.:Cape.  1946.
ABELL, George O. & SINGER, Barry (eds.):Science and the Paranormal, Probing the Existence of the Supernatural.:Junction Books.  1981.
ABERCROMBIE, Lascelles:Deborah, A Play in Three Acts.:John Lane, The Bodley Head.  1913.
ABERCROMBIE, P.B. and others:Winter's Tales 5.:Macmillan.  1959.
ABLEMAN, Paul:Dad's Army, The Defence of a Front Line English Village.:BBC.  1989.
ABLEMAN, Paul:Tornado Pratt.:Gollancz.  1977.
ABLEMAN, Paul:Vac.:Gollancz.  1968.
ABRAHAM, Gerald (ed.):Handel, A Symposium.:OUP.  1954.
ABRAMS, Charles:Housing in the Modern World ...  :Faber.  1969.  
ABSE, Dannie (ed.):Poetry Supplement ...:Poetry Book Society.  Christmas 1975.
ABSE, Dannie:A Strong Dose of Myself.:Hutchinson.  1983.
ABSE, Dannie:Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve.:Penguin Books.  1982.
ABSE, Dannie:Funland, and other poems.:Hutchinson.  1973.
ACKER, Kathy:Blood and Guts in High School, plus two.:Picador.  1984.
ACKERLEY, J.R.:Hindoo Holiday.  :Penguin Books.  1940.
ACKERLEY, J.R.:My Father and Myself.  :Bodley Head.  1969.   
ACKERLEY, J.R.:We Think the World of You.:Bodley Head.  1962.
ACKERMAN, John (ed.):Poems '72.:Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer.  1972.
ACKROYD, Peter:Albion, The Origins of the English Imagination.:Chatto & Windus.  2002.
ACLAND, Sir Richard:Unser Kampf, Our Struggle.:Penguin Books.  1940.
ACTON, Eliza:The People's Book of Modern Cookery ...:Monarch Book Company.  nd.  (c.1910?).
ADAIR, Gilbert:Alice Through the Needle's Eye.:Macmillan.  1984.
ADAIR, Gilbert:Peter Pan and the Only Children.:Macmillan.  1987.
ADAIR, Gilbert:The Holy Innocents.:Heinemann.  1988.
ADAIR, Major General Sir Allan:A Guard's General ...:Hamish Hamilton.  1986.
ADAM, H.L.:C.I.D., Behind the Scenes at Scotland Yard.:Sampson Low.  [1931].
ADAM, Michael:The Labour of Love.:Marazion, Cornwall: The Ark Press.
ADAM, W.B. and others:Food Industries Manual, A Technical and Commercial Compendium on the Manufacture, Preserving, Packing and Storage of all Food Products.:Leonard Hill.  1941.
ADAMS, Douglas & LLOYD, John:The Meaning of Liff.:Pan Books.  1983 (but later issue).
ADAMS, Douglas (and others):Not 1982.:Faber.  1981.
ADAMS, Douglas:Mostly Harmless:BCA.  1992.
ADAMS, Douglas:So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish ...:Pan.  1984.
ADAMS, Douglas:So long, and thanks for all the fish.:Pan Books.  1984.
ADAMS, Douglas:So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish.:Pan.  1984.
ADAMS, Douglas:The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  :Pan.  1979.  
ADAMS, Douglas:The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.:Pan.  1979.
ADAMS, Douglas:The Illustrated Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.:Weidenfeld & Nicholson.  1994.
ADAMS, Douglas:The Restaurant at the End of the Universe ... :Pan.  1980.
ADAMs, J. Frederick:How to Draw Churches & Cathedrals.  :The Studio.  1947.  
ADAMS, Joey:The Curtain Never Falls.:New York: Popular Library.  1950.
ADAMS, Richard & ALDRIDGE, Alan:   ... The Ship's Cat ...   :Cape.  1977.  
ADAMS, Richard & ALDRIDGE, Alan:The Adventures and Brave Deeds of the Ship's Cat ...:Cape.  1977.
ADAMS, Richard & BAYLEY, Nicola:The Tiger Voyage.  :Cape.  1976.  
ADAMS, Richard:Nature Day and Night.:Kestrel Books.  1978.
ADAMS, Richard:The Adventures & Brave Deeds of The Ship's Cat ...:Cape.  1977.
ADAMS, Richard:The Girl in a Swing.:Penguin Books.  1980.
ADAMS, Richard:The Legend of Te Tuna.:Sidgwick & Jackson.  1986.
ADAMS, Richard:The Plague Dogs.  :Allen Lane.  1977.  
ADAMS, Richard:The Plague Dogs.  :Allen Lane.  1977.
ADAMS, Richard:The Ship's Cat ... :Cape.  1977.
ADAMS, Richard:The Tyger Voyage.:Cape.  1976.
ADAMS, Richard:The Watership Down Film Picture Book.:Penguin Books.  1978.
ADAMS, Sam:Geraint Goodwin.:University of Wales Press.  1975.
ADAMS, William Howard:The French Garden, 1500-1800.:Scolar Press.  1979.
ADAMSON, Iain:The Old Fox..:Muller.  1963.
ADBURGHAM, Alison:View of Fashion.:Allen & Unwin.  1966.
ADCOCK, Almey St. John:Winter Wheat.:Faber & Gwyer.  1926.
ADCOCK, Fleur:The Incident Book.:OUP.  1986.
ADDISON, Willam:Suffolk.:Hale.  1950.
ADLARD, John:Christmas with Count Stenbock.:Enitharmon Press.  1980.
ADLEY, Robert:In Search of Steam, 1962-68.:Blandford.  1982.
ADRIENNE:Le Gimmick, Français parlé ...:Hutchinson.  1978.
ADROSKO, Rita J.:Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing.:New York: Dover.  1971.
AESCHYLUS:Prometheus Bound, The Suppliants, Seven Against Thebes, The Persians.:Penguin Books.  1964.
AESOP:Fables of Aesop, trans. by S.A. Handford ... :Penguin Books.  1961.  
AGATE, James:A Shorter Ego, First Selection.:Readers Union.  1946.
AGATE, James:A Shorter Ego, Second Selection.:Readers Union.  1947.
AGATE, James:A Shorter Ego, Volume Three ...:Harrap.  1949.
AGATE, James:Bad Manners.:John Miles.  1938.
AGATE, James:Thus to Revisit ...:Home & Van Thal.  1947.
AGNEW, Georgette:Let's Pretend.:J. Saville.  1927.
AGUTTER, Jenny:Snap, Observations of Los Angeles and London.  :Quartet.  1983.  
AHLBERG, Allan:Please Mrs. Buutler.:Puffin Books.  1984 (but later issue).
AHLBERG, Allan:The Giant Baby.:Viking.  1994.
AHLBERG, Janet & Allan:Burglar Bill.  :Collins.  1979.  
AIKEN, Conrad:A Seizure of Limericks.:W.H. Allen.  1965.
AIKEN, Joan & PIENKOWSKI, Jan:A Foot in the Grave.:Cape.  1989.
AIKEN, Joan:All But a Few.:Puffin Books.  1976.
AIKEN, Joan:Mortimer and the Sword Excalibur.:BBC Books.  1990.
AIKEN, Joan:Tale of a One-Way Street, and other stories.:Cape.  1978.
AIKEN, Joan:The Embroidered Sunset.:Gollancz.  1970.
AIKEN, Joan:The Last Slice of Rainbow.:New York: Harper & Row.  1988.
AIKEN, Joan:The Wolves of Willoughby Chase.:Puffins Books.  1988.
AIKEN, John; AIKEN, Joan & HODGE, Jane Aiken:Conrad Aiken Remembered.:Rye: Anthony Neville.  1989.
Air Ministry:Elementary Flying Training.:HMSO.  1943.
Air Ministry:Elementary Flying Training.:HMSO.  1943.
AKERS-DOUGLAS, Frank & Julian:Corporal Haggis, The Wartime Story of a Muscovy Duck ...:Lewes: The Book Guild.  1996.
ALAIN, Jehan:Trois Pièces pour Grand Orgue.:Paris: Leduc.  c.1980.
ALAIN-FOURNIER:Le Grand Meaulnes.  :Paris: Emile-Paul.  (1967).  
ALAIN-FOURNIER:Le Grand Meaulnes.:Harrap.  1980.
ALAIN-FOURNIER:Le Grand Meaulnes.:Paris: Émile-Paul.  1964.
ALAIN-FOURNIER:Le Grand Meaulnes.:Paris: Emile-Paul.  1969.
ALAVAREZ, A.; FULLER, Roy, and THWAITE, Anthony:Penguin Modern Poets, 18.:Penguin Books.  1970.
ALCOCK, Bill:A Locoman's Log, 1937-85, Steam and Diesel Footplate Life.:Silver Link Publishing.  1997.
ALCOCK, Leslie:Arthur's Britain, History and Archaeology AD 367-634.:Penguin Books. 1973.
AL-DAFFA', Ali Abdullah:The Muslim Contribution to Mathematics.:Croom Helm.  1977.
ALDINGTON, Richard (trans.)  De GOURMONT, Remy:Letters to the Amazon.:Chatto & Windus.  1931.
ALDINGTON, Richard:Artifex, Sketches and Ideas.:Chatto & Windus.  1935.
ALDINGTON, Richard:The Colonel's Daughter.:Chatto & Windus.  1931.
ALDINGTON, Richard:The Colonel's Daughter.:Chatto & Windus.  1931.
ALDINGTON, Richard:The Romance of Casanova.:Heinemann.  1946.
ALDINGTON, Richard:Very Heaven.:Heinemann.  1937.
ALDISS, Brian W.:Billion Year Spree, The History of Science Fiction.:Weidenfeld & Nicolson.  1973.
ALDISS, Brian:Billion Year Spree, The History of Science Fiction.:Weidenfeld & Nicolson.  1973.
ALDISS, Brian:Bury my Heart at W.H. Smith's ... A Writing Life.:Hodder & Stoughton.  1990.
ALDISS, Brian:Cracken at Critical.:Kerosina Books.  1987.
ALDISS, Brian:Enemies of the System ...:Cape.  1978.
ALDISS, Brian:Non-Stop.:Faber.  1958.
ALDRIDGE, Alan & PLOMER, William:The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast ...:Cape.  1973.
ALDRIDGE, Alan (illuss.):The Butterfly Ball and The Grasshopper's Feast.:Cape.  1973.
ALDRIDGE, Alan:Phantasia.:Cape.  1981.
ALEKHINE, Alexander:My Best Games of Chess, 1924-1937.:Bell.  1939.
ALEXANDER, Christine & SELLARS, Jane:The Art of the Brontës.:CUP.  1995.
ALEXANDER, Jules (and others):Glamour Photography.:Minolta/Doubleday.  1982.
ALFORD, Violet & GALLOP, Rodney:The Traditional Dance.:Methuen.  1935.
ALGREN, Nelson:A Walk on the Wild Side.:Edinburgh: Rebel Inc.  1999.
ALINGTON, C.A.:The Nabob's Jewel.:Faber.  1953.
ALLAN, George A.T.:Christ's Hospital.:Ian Allan.  1949.
ALLAN, Mea:E.A. Bowles & his Garden at Myddleton House 1865-1954.:Faber.  1973.
ALLAN, Mea:Plants that Changed our Gardens.:David & Charles.  1974.
ALLAN, Mea:Plants that Changed our Gardens.:David & Charles.  1974.
ALLDAY, D. Helen:Insurrection in Wales ... :Lavenham: Dalton.  1981.  
ALLEN, Cecil J.:British Pacific Locomotives.:Ian Allan.  1963.
ALLEN, Cecil J.:The Locomotive Exchanges, 1870-1948.:Ian Allan.  1950.
ALLEN, Cecil J.:The London & North Eastern Railway.:Ian Allan.  1966.
ALLEN, David Elliston:The Naturalist in Britain, A Social History.:Penguin Books.  1978.
ALLEN, F.L.:Only Yesterday, An Informal History of the Nineteen-Twenties in America.  2 vols. complete.:Penguin Books.  1938.
ALLEN, John:Denis Compton, Our Greatest All-round Sportsman.:Pitkin.  nd.  (c.1950).
ALLEN, Walter:The English Novel, A Short Critical History.:Penguin Books.  1960.
ALLILUYEVA, Svetlana:20 Letters to a Friend.:Hutchinson.  1967.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:Black Plumes.:Penguin Books.  1950.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:Coroner's Pidgin.:Penguin Books.  1950.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:Dance of the Years.:Michael Joseph.  1943.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:Flowers for the Judge.:Penguin Books.  1988.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:Look to the Lady.:Penguin Books.  1950.  
ALLINGHAM, Margery:More Work for the Undertaker.:Penguin Books.  1954.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:Mystery Mile.:Penguin Books.  1950.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:No Love Lost.  :Penguin Books.  1960.  
ALLINGHAM, Margery:Police at the Funeral.:Penguin Books.  1939.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:Police at the Funeral.:Penguin Books.  1961.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:Police at the Funeral.:Penguin Books.  1987.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:Sweet Danger.:Penguin Books.  1950.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:Sweet Danger.:Penguin Books.  1951.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:Sweet Danger.:Penguin Books.  1987.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:The Beckoning Lady.:Penguin Books.  1960.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:The Crime at Black Dudley.:Penguin Books.  1950.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:The Crime at Black Dudley.:Penguin Books.  1961.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:The Mind Readers.:Chatto & Windus.  1965.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:The Mind Readers.:Chatto & Windus.  1965.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:The Tiger in the Smoke.:Chatto & Windus.  1952.
ALLINGHAM, Margery:The Tiger in the Smoke.:Penguin Books.  1972.  
ALLISON, John:Edward Elgar, Sacred Music.:Bridgend: Seren.  1994.
ALLISON, William & FAIRLEY, John:The Monocled Mutineer.  :Quartet.  1986.
ALLISON, William & FAIRLEY, John:The Monocled Mutineer.:Quartet.  1978.  
ALLOTT, Kenneth (ed.):The Penguin Book of Contemporary Verse. :Penguin Books.  1960.  
ALVARADO, Manuel & TULLOCH, John:Doctor Who, The Unfolding Text.:Macmillan.  1984.
ALVAREZ, A.:Hers.:Weidenfeld & Niccolson.  1974.
AMBLER, Eric:Here Lies, An Autobiography.:Weidenfeld & Nicolson.  1985.
AMBLER, Eric:Passage of Arms.:Heinemann.  1959.
AMBLER, Eric:The Ability to Kill, and Other Pieces.:Bodley Head.  1963.
AMBROSE, Stephen E.:Band of Brothers ...:Pocket Books.  2001.
AMIES, Hardy:Just So Far.:Collins.  1954.
AMIES, Hardy:Still Here, An Autobiography.:Weidenfeld & Nicolson.  1984.
AMIS, Kingsley (ed.):The Golden Age of Science Fiction.:Hutchinson.  1981.
AMIS, Kingsley (introd.) DOXAT, John:Stirred - Not Shaken, The Dry Martini.:Hutchinson Benham.  1976.
AMIS, Kingsley and others:Winter's Tales 1.:Macmillan.  1955.
AMIS, Kingsley:A Liking for Women.  2pp. contribution to "For Someone Else's Son".:BBC.  1963.
AMIS, Kingsley:Difficulties with Girls.:Hutchinson.  1988.
AMIS, Kingsley:Every Day Drinking.:Hutchinson.  1983.
AMIS, Kingsley:Girl, 20:Cape.  1971.
AMIS, Kingsley:I Like It Here.  :Gollancz.  1958.  
AMIS, Kingsley:Jake's Thing.:BCA.  1979.
AMIS, Kingsley:New Maps of Hell, A Survey of Science Fiction.:Gollancz.  1961.
AMIS, Kingsley:On Drink.  :Cape.  1973.  
AMIS, Kingsley:On Drink.:Cape.  1972.
AMIS, Kingsley:On Drink.:Cape.  1972.
AMIS, Kingsley:One Fat Englishman.  :Gollancz.  1963.  
AMIS, Kingsley:One Fat Englishman.:Penguin Books.  1985.
Amis, Kingsley:Stanley and the Women.:Penguin Books.  1985.
AMIS, Kingsley:Take a Girl Like You.:Gollancz.  1960.
AMIS, Kingsley:The Alteration.:Cape.  1976.
AMIS, Kingsley:The Anti-Death League.:Penguin Books.  1968.
AMIS, Kingsley:The Crime of the Century.:Dent.  1987.
AMIS, Kingsley:The Crime of the Century.:Dent.  1987.
AMIS, Kingsley:The Crime of the Century.:Dent.  1987.
AMIS, Kingsley:The Evans Country.:Fantasy Press.  1962.
AMIS, Kingsley:The Old Devils.:Hutchinson.  1986.
AMIS, Kingsley:We Are All Guilty.:Reinhardt.  1991.
AMIS, Martin:Dead Babies.:Cape.  1975.
AMIS, Martin:Dead Babies.:Penguin Books.  1984.
AMIS, Martin:London Fields.:Penguin Books.  1990.
AMIS, Martin:Money.:Penguin Books.  1986.
AMIS, Martin:The Rachel Papers.:Penguin Books.  1984 (but later issue).
AMIS, Martin:The Rachel Papers.:Penguin Books.  1986.
AMIS, Martin:Time's Arrow ...:Cape.  1991.
AMOS, William:The Originals, An A-Z of Fiction's Real-Life Characters.:Little, Brown & Co.  1985.
'An Apprentice of Lincoln's Inn' [i.e.  Frederick Pollock]:Leading Cases Done into English.:Macmillan.  1876.
ANDERSON, Clive:Patent Nonsense, A Catalogue of Inventions that Failed to Change the World.:Michael Joseph. 1994.
ANDERSON, John Redwood.:Paris Symphony.:Harrap.  1947.
ANDERSON, M.D.:Design for a Journey.  :C.U.P. 1940.  
ANDERSON, Poul:Ensign Flandry.:Severn House.  1977.
ANDERSON, Poul:The Enemy Stars.:Lippincott.  1958.
ANDREWS, Allen:The Mad Motorists, The Great Peking-Paris Race of '07.  :Harrap.  1980.  
ANDREWS, Allen:The Whisky Barons.:Jupiter Books.  1977.
ANDREWS, Richard & SCHELLENBERGER, Paul:The Tomb of God ...:Little, Brown & Co.  1996.
ANDRZEYEVSKI, George:The Inquisitors.:Weidenfeld & Nicolson.  1960.
ANGELL, Norman:Foreign Policy and our Daily Bread.:Collins.  1925.
ANGELL, Norman:The Press and the Organisation of Society.:Labour Publishing Company.  1922.
ANGELL, Norman:The Public Mind, Its Disorders, Its Exploitation.:Noel Douglas.  1926.
ANGELL, Norman:Why Freedom Matters.:Penguin Books.  1940.
ANGER, Kenneth:Hollywood Babylon.  :Arrow.  1986.  
ANNAN, Noel:Leslie Stephen, The Godless Victorian.  :New York: Random House.  1984.  
ANOBILE, Richard J. (ed.):Why a Duck? ... gems from the Marx Brothers' movies.:Studio Vista.  1974.
Anon.:Cassell's Book of In-Door Amusements, Card Games, and Fireside Fun.:Cassell.  1973.
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