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Nicholas Willmott
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Having said that ...

Welcome to the Nicholas Willmott (and family) web site.  

We are based in Cardiff, South Wales.

 Cardiff Castle, 1884

However, rather than live in Cardiff Castle (above), we choose to occupy a house that is just here (below):


This web site, like most others, is in process of construction, experiment and development.

From this site you can purchase attractive and interesting books from Nicholas Willmott Bookseller.  At present we can offer a selection of photography books, architecture books, books on drink, and farming books.  We also feature a section devoted to long-lost books as they gradually emerge from our dustier vaults.

You can also read about some of our honourable manias, (thank you, Camus). These are some of the things about which we care, and which distract us from the absurdity of it all.  At present these relate to singing, the performance of four-hand piano duets, and odd aspects of history with some family relevance.  At a later stage you may be able to explore such diverse topics as large brass instruments, fashion, Lego, allotment gardening and so forth.

In addition Judy, Frances and Michael have their own sections through which they will address the world.

We can be contacted here.

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