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(Actually you're wrong, it's a novelty radio.)

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Photography Stock List     Architecture Stock List    Rural/Farming Stock List
Drink (wines, beers, spirits, inns etc.) Stock List
Nicholas Willmott Bookseller

"The man [or woman] who does not read good books has no advantage over the man [or woman] who can't read them. "
- Mark Twain

The postal address of Nicholas Willmott Bookseller is:

97, Romilly Road
Cardiff  CF5 1FN

Our VAT registration number is: 368 3564 19

Our e-mail address is:

From this page you can access a small portion of our large stock of out-of-print, second-hand and antiquarian books.  


Please e-mail us if you wish to order any of the books mentioned, or if you would like further details regarding any particular title.  Some of the lists are a little elderly - so buy now at last year's (or a year or two before's) prices!  We apologise for the unavailability of books already sold.

If there are particular books for which you are searching, or subject areas in which you have an especial interest, please feel free to let us know.  



When we moved to Cardiff from Ipswich in the late 80's we packed up several hundred boxes of books.  Many of these have still not been unpacked.  Our intention is to list these books on this site, box by box, as they are eventually unloaded.  Some cartons contain books on specific subjects, others are a miscellaneous assortment.  Some of the books are of no great rarity, others are less common.  The important point is that they have not been picked over and have lain undisturbed for over a decade.  To see the current selection, click on:

Treasure Trove.


Occasionally we produce lists of stock relating to more or less narrow subject fields.  Some of these can be viewed by clicking on:

Photography Stock List

Architecture Stock List

Rural/Farming Stock List

Drink (wines, beers, spirits, inns etc.) Stock List

A Vast Miscellany:

Click here to find a brief listing of those books, only part of our stock, that have so far been entered into our database.  We will be pleased to provide fuller details on request.